10 May

Closures of Very Popular WordPress Plugins, Week of May 10

While we already are far ahead of other companies in keeping up with vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins (amazingly that isn’t an exaggeration), in looking in to how we could get even better we noticed that in a recent instance were a vulnerability was exploited in a plugin, we probably could have warned our customers about the vulnerability even sooner if we had looked at the plugin when it was first closed on the Plugin Directory instead of when the vulnerability was fixed (though as far as we are aware the exploitation started after we had warned our customers of the fix). So we are now monitoring to see if any of the 1,000 most popular plugins are closed on the Plugin Directory and then seeing if it looks like that was due to a vulnerability.

This week two of those plugins was closed and they have yet to have been reopened.

Google Analytics Counter Tracker

Google Analytics Counter Tracker, which has 40,000+ installs, was closed last Friday. No explanation has been given for the closure. There have been recent complaints of the plugin not working. In doing a quick check for obvious security issues we didn’t find any, but we did find that the plugin is tracking activity taken through the plugin, which seems inappropriate.

Easy Table

Easy Table, which has 50,000+ installs, was closed on Wednesday. No explanation has been given for the closure. In a quick check over the plugin we didn’t find any obvious serious vulnerabilities, though there are a couple of minor cross-site request forgery (CSRF) issues.