Half Off Promotion

WordPress leaves you in the dark when you are using known vulnerable plugins, but with our service you get warned if you are using known vulnerable plugins.

Our service also provides you with support on how to deal with vulnerable plugins on your website, data on what vulnerabilities have previously been in your plugins, the ability vote/suggest plugins to receive a security review from us.

Security plugins provide little to no protection against vulnerabilities in other plugins and in one case the developer of a popular security plugin thinks it is outside of their scope to even try, so you really need to know what the security situation of your other plugins is.

You can get half off your first year of the service. To take advantage of this deal:

  1. On the sign up page select any yearly subscription option and click the “SIGN UP NOW” button.
  2. Enter the coupon code “HalfOff” on the┬áCart page you are taken to next.

Once you have signed up simply install the service’s companion plugin and enter your licensing details from the email you will receive to get started. You can then also vote/suggest for plugins to receive a review from us.