Plugin Vulnerabilities Weekly Newsletter

$100.00 / month with 1 month free trial

With our weekly newsletter service, every week on Friday morning we send you an email with the details on all the new WordPress plugin vulnerabilities we added to our data set over the last week. In addition to the weekly email, any time we come across a new vulnerability that is being exploited we will send you an email as soon as we have confirmed the vulnerability.

The emails are sent out approximately 10am Mountain time.

Here is an example of the newsletter and what information is included in it:

If you only need to keep track of the vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins on a few websites then our main service is a much better value as it automatically checks if the websites are using known vulnerable plugins as frequently as every hour and when there is a vulnerable plugin on your website(s) you get an email alert, while costing lot less than this email newsletter costs.

While there are other data sources available, they don’t come close to providing the quality and breadth of data we provide. That is due to us:

  • Actually discovering a lot of the vulnerabilities being found in addition to collecting data on vulnerabilities discovered by others, which despite our then publicly disclosing other data sources are often missing.
  • Monitoring sources of information that others don’t.
  • Monitoring changes made to plugins, so that we can often determine what vulnerabilities have been fixed before the vulnerability has been disclosed by the discoverer (assuming they even ever disclose it).
  • Actually confirming and validating each reported vulnerability, so that you are not getting information on false reports and you are not told that vulnerabilities has been fixed when it hasn’t. This is something that at least one other security company thinks is so valuable they lie about having access to such data.
  • Providing an estimate of likelihood of exploitation based on years of experience dealing with hacked website, so you understand what vulnerabilities are of the most concern.

The subscription also provides you with:

We also offer a daily newsletter for those that need to keep up to date at all times.


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