01 Jun

DefenseCode and WPScan Vulnerability Database Falsely Label Unfixed Vulnerability as Being Fixed

A little over a month ago we put out a warning to be wary advisories from the company DefenseCode after our interaction with them regarding an issue with one of their advisories. In that instance their report claimed that they had contacted the developer of a plugin about a vulnerability that had been fixed in the plugin before they claim to have even first contacted the developer about it, which was odd. There was also this odd line:

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25 Apr

Be Wary of DefenseCode’s Advisories

In contacting developers about vulnerabilities in their WordPress plugins, whether they are ones we discovered or ones discovered by others where the discoverer didn’t contact the developer, we have fairly regularly had responses that we must be wrong about there being a vulnerability in the plugin. We have found that a bit odd, why would someone take the time to notify someone of a vulnerability that doesn’t exist? But as we have had more interactions with companies and individuals putting out reports of vulnerabilities that we have identified problems with, it has become clear that others are not always as careful as we are (we have also found that they are just as assured that issues we raise about their reports must be wrong, so both sides have something in common at least).

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