Real WordPress Security

Maybe you have seen news coverage of WordPress plugin vulnerabilities, what you likely haven’t seen in those stories is that companies they often cite in them are only finding out about vulnerabilities after they have been widely exploited and therefore didn’t provide their customers with security when it matters. Through years of experience honing our processes we consistently stay ahead of other companies and hackers when it comes to knowing about those vulnerabilities, so our customers can take preventive measures to avoid being hacked instead of having to deal with the cleanup of hacked websites.

With our service we help to protect you against plugin vulnerabilities by doing the following:

  • Warning you if you are using a known vulnerable version of plugins, which currently includes plugins in the Plugin Directory that are used on over 4.09+ million websites. While other data sources claim to contain all known vulnerabilities for plugins in their data set, the reality is that they don’t even come close to matching us. In one recent month for example, we added over three times as many new vulnerabilities as other data sources.
  • Working with the developers of plugins with unfixed vulnerabilities to get those fixed, so that you and others can simply update the plugin to protect yourselves.
  • Support when you need it. If have a question about a vulnerability that impacts a plugin you use, someone familiar with the vulnerability on our end is there for you.
  • Letting you suggest/vote for plugins to receive a security review from us, so that you can be assured that the plugins you use are free of many types of security vulnerabilities.
  • Proactively monitoring the Plugin Directory to catch serious vulnerabilities before they are exploited on your website or anyone else’s.
  • Discovering serious vulnerabilities that hackers are looking to exploit by monitoring various sources of data that provide an indication that hackers have an interest in those plugins.