Plugin Vulnerabilities Subscription for ClassicPress

From: $100.00 / year with 1 year free trial

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Get access to what we think is the best data on vulnerabilities in ClassicPress plugins. You won’t be left in dark when you are using vulnerabilities that are being exploited anymore. Not only do we provide you with email alerts if a plugin you are using is vulnerable, we also can help you to protect yourself until the vulnerability is properly fixed. You can find more about what sets the service apart here.

You also get to participate in deciding what plugins we will do security reviews of.

By using our service you also help us to make sure that plugins are getting more secure for everyone.

This service has one big difference with our main subscription service, we donate a quarter of the revenue from our service to ClassicPress to further the development of it (while the service costs the same to you).

Once you have signed up you will receive an email with your API details that you enter into the service’s plugin to get started with the service.

Significant discounts are available when getting coverage for multiple websites.

We offer pro bono service for human rights groups. We also offer half priced service for educational institutions; please contact us for instructions on how to take advantage of that.

You can also get access to our data in daily newsletter form.


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