Hacked WordPress Website Cleanup

Have a WordPress that is hacked? Unlike so many cleanup providers that don’t have the expertise to properly clean it or do and choose to intentionally cut corners, we will properly clean up the website. We do that by removing the malicious code on the website, getting the website properly secured, and determining, to the extent possible how it was hacked, and making sure that gets fixed (otherwise it is possible for the website to be re-hacked through the same issue, which is often the case for people that hire us to re-clean their website after another provider┬áhad previously done that).

Included with our cleanup is a free lifetime subscription to our service, so that you get warned going forward if you are using vulnerable plugins, which are a major source of hacked websites and for which security plugins (and in all likelihood other products and services) have little to ability to protect you against.

Contact us to get a quote for a cleanup.