We Actually Protect WordPress Websites While Wordfence Security Will Leave You to be Hacked

While the Wordfence Security plugin is promoted with the claim that its firewall “stops you from getting hacked”, in truth the company behind it intentionally leaves people relying only on the plugin vulnerable for at least 30 days after they have added protection against a threat. Considering that hackers are much quicker to exploit vulnerabilities then that, it won’t actually protect your website.

But the situation gets worse since even if they suck you into the paying for their Wordfence Premium service, which gets the protection immediately after they add it, they are well behind hackers in adding protection, leading to their paying customers to get hacked as well.

If you are looking for real security for your WordPress website, instead of company that is good at marketing to you something that doesn’t work, that is where our service comes in since we actually provide a service that will help you to avoid security issues with plugins when using WordPress. We do this by alerting to you vulnerabilities in plugins as they are discovered (many of them ones that we have caught as they are being introduced in to plugins), working with developers to make sure those are fixed, and allowing you to help select plugins to be more thoroughly reviewed for security issues by us.

Not only do you get real security with our service, but you actually help to make every WordPress website more secure as we have for years been making sure that plugins are getting more and more secure (we unfortunately are largely alone in the security industry in doing that).

You can start using the service for free when you sign up now.