You Could Be Using Known Vulnerable WordPress Plugins Right Now

One of the unfortunate realities when it comes to the security of WordPress these days is that the actions of the WordPress team have caused a situation where there are currently plugins with 4.23+ million installs (as of February 7, 2019) with publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, which the team not only are not warning people are vulnerable, but they continue to include in their Plugin Directory, so even more websites are introducing vulnerabilities in to their websites for no good reason.

Among those plugins are security plugins , plugins that store customer data that anyone can access, and even ones that hackers are already exploiting.

There is an easy way to avoid being in the dark about insecure plugins. If used our service you would have already been warned if you used them, in some cases you would have been warned nearly a year and half ago about some of them. You can start using the service for free when you sign up now.

If you are looking for a free option, our Plugin Security Checker will let you know if a plugin you are checking is known to be vulnerable as well as checking if there other possible security issues in it that need to be further checked into.