08 Dec

We Now Offer Our Plugin Vulnerabilities Service on a Pro Bono Basis for Human Rights Groups

Through our main business we have offered pro bono service to human rights groups for years and we had recently been thinking about offering this service in that fashion as well. Then we noticed that Human Rights Day would be coming up (it happens on Sunday), which seemed like a great reason to go ahead and launch that.

With our service the administrators of WordPress websites get notified if plugins being used on the website contain publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. While we try to work with developer to get any of those vulnerabilities that haven’t been fixed, promptly fixed (and can sometimes accomplish that very quickly), they don’t always get fixed in a timely manner or in some cases, ever. In those cases we are there to help the administrators make the best decision on how to handle the situation. In a lot of cases we can provide a workaround until the issue is fixed in a new version, though in some cases moving off the plugin is probably the best option. The service also provides access to our data set of vulnerabilities so that administrators can better access the security of plugin they or might want to use and it can also be used to determine if a vulnerability in a plugin was likely part of how a website got hacked.

For human rights groups looking to take advantage of this offer, just get in touch with us and we will provide you the information to set up a free account with the service.

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