17 Dec

Yes, We Support ClassicPress (And You Can Help It While Also Protecting Against Plugin Vulnerabilities)

A month and half ago we were contacted by one of our customers to ask if we supported the fork of WordPress, ClassicPress. Since then we have been meaning to put out a post to let people know we do, but it turns out waiting allows to pair with another announcement.

When it comes to the security of WordPress plugins unfortunately the folks on the WordPress side of things seem at best highly misguided in what they are doing. For example, they have this bizarre idea that you should never warn people about unfixed vulnerabilities in plugins. That seems like odd idea if they are already publicly disclosed somewhere that hackers would already be looking (which is often the case), but you have to wonder if the team wants people to be hacked when they refuse to warn people after vulnerabilities are being exploited (and refuse to even discuss the alternative of fixing them). That is something that not only happens, but the head of team running the plugin directory explicitly stated that they think not warning people as they are being hacked is a good idea. Just to add to mess, the guy at the top of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg has claimed that unfixed vulnerabilities are only a “hypothetical issue not seen in practice“.

So ClassicPress has the possibility of easily improving that type of situation if they just don’t act stupidly with their plugin directory. Though, right now they are still relying on the WordPress Plugin Directory, so they are inheriting all the problems that come with that for now.

Since they currently rely on the WordPress Plugin Directory that means our data set is just as compatible with ClassicPress and provides you protection against the poor handling of security. That being said we have now introduced a separate subscription service for ClassicPress. Down the road we could do things like providing separate voting for what plugins are customers choose to get reviews from us, as the current voting is limited to plugins in WordPress’ Plugin Directory. Right now though there is one big difference when using that service, we donate half the revenue from it to ClassicPress. You pay same price as you would for the standard service, though.