05 Jan

You Can Now See the Details of Possible Issues Identified by Our Plugin Security Checker

Since we introduced our Plugin Security Checker, which does limited automated security checks of WordPress plugins, in late October we have had a lot of interest in that and it has brought in additional business for both our main service and our separate security reviews. That is good for us, but also for everyone using [Read more]

19 Sep

We Now Let You Know How Likely It Is That a WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Will Be Exploited

Recently we have been looking at ways that we can improve the data we provide on WordPress plugin vulnerabilities through our service. Three weeks ago we started including data on false reports of vulnerabilities in the plugins you have installed. Today we have added a rating of the likelihood that a vulnerability will be exploited to the [Read more]

29 Aug

False Reports of Vulnerabilities In Installed Plugins Are Now Listed As Well

When adding a new WordPress plugin vulnerability to the data set for our service we test out the vulnerability. That allows us to do several important things for our customers, which you won’t get with other data providers, who don’t do that. First, we can warn you when the vulnerability hasn’t actually been fixed, despite a claim [Read more]

11 Mar

Get Alerted When WordPress Plugin Developers Are Not Taking Security Seriously

With our service you get alerted if any of the WordPress plugins you have installed have a vulnerability in the installed version. You can also see what vulnerabilities they have had in other versions, which is something you might use to determine if you should continue you using it. The problem with trying to do [Read more]