25 Sep

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)/PHP Object Injection Vulnerability in Shoppable Images Lite

Back in June we introduced a new feature to our service where we are trying to proactively catch some serious vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins. The original idea was to catch vulnerabilities as they are newly introduced to the plugin, but when we started working on doing that we realized that it would also catch existing vulnerabilities if they were in code being changed in a plugin. At the end of August, for the first time we caught a serious vulnerability as it was introduced in to a plugin. For the second instance of that occurring, which happened the next week, not only did we catch a vulnerability as it was introduced, but with the first version of the plugin. That should be a good reminder that the review done before a plugin is allowed in to the Plugin Directory does not insure that the plugin is secure at the time it is introduced.

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