02 Mar

What Happened With WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities in February 2018

If you want the best information and therefore best protection against vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins we provide you that through our service.

Here is what we did to keep those are already using our service secure from WordPress plugin vulnerabilities during February (and what you have been missing out on if you haven’t signed up yet): [Read more]

14 Feb

A Recently Closed Plugin Contains a Vulnerability That Allows Anyone Logged in to WordPress to View Directory Listings

Today we had somebody contact us asking if we had any insight in to why the plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox was removed from the Plugin Directory (after seeing one of yesterday’s posts). Our guess on that would be that it has to do with the plugin no longer working, but while doing a quick look over the plugin we did find a vulnerability in it that allows anyone logged in to WordPress to view a list of files and directories in a directory on the server they specify.

The plugin makes the function backup_to_dropbox_file_tree() accessible to anyone logged in to WordPress through WordPress’ AJAX functionality: [Read more]