13 Jul

ThreatPress’ Strange Claim That Plugins Are the Most Common Cause of WordPress Website Hacking

When it comes to improving web security, one of the big problems we see is that there is so much inaccurate and outright false information put out by the security industry. That among other things, leads to people spending a lot of time and money trying to protect against threats that don’t really exist. Even when real threats get mentioned we often find that claims are being made that are not supported by the cited source of the claim (assuming there even is one). That is often the case when it comes to security surrounding WordPress, including our specific focus, WordPress plugins. As a quick example that we ran across not too long ago, a WordPress focused security company named ThreatPress claimed in a post that:

Plugins are theĀ most common cause of WordPress website hacking.

Following that link gets you to a page that makes no mention whatsoever as to the cause of WordPress websites being hacked. What makes that so strange is that what is linked to is another post on ThreatPress’ own website, which is about how many plugin and theme vulnerabilities they added to a data set they collect last year. Considering the services that company provides they should be well aware that number of vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins wouldn’t in any way tell you how often they are the cause of WordPress website being hacked.

It is also worth noting that their data set is missing a very significant number of vulnerabilities considering they claim to have only added 200 new plugin vulnerabilities last year, while we had added over 500. That doesn’t match up with one of their employees claim that their data set “includes all known vulnerabilities”.