10 Jan

WordPress Plugin Developers Don’t Do a Good Job of Making Sure There Plugins Are Free of Vulnerabilities They Know of

Our proactive monitoring of changes being made to WordPress plugins to try to catch serious vulnerabilities when they are introduced in to plugins recently caught a good example of an ongoing problem we see when it comes to the developers of WordPress plugins, a failure to make sure that security vulnerabilities that have been in their plugins have been fully removed. In some cases that involves them only fixing one instance of a vulnerability in a plugin and not making sure that there are not any others in the plugin, in others, like this situation, making sure that the vulnerability isn’t in other of their plugins.

Back in October we disclosed a cross-site request forgery (CSRF)/local file inclusion (LFI) vulnerability in the plugin Companion Auto Update. We recently started checking for that type of vulnerability with our proactive monitoring and it quickly lead to us finding that another plugin by the same developer, Companion Sitemap Generator, contains it as well due to the same code that caused the issue with their other plugin. [Read more]