07 Jun

WPScan Vulnerability Database Leaving Those Relying on It Unaware of “Vulnerability” in Plugin With 500,000+ Installs

When it comes to getting data on vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins what we have noticed is that many sources are not using unique data, but instead reusing data from another source, often without letting people know what the true source is and never with a disclaimer about the quality issues that are inherent in that data source. That source is the WPScan Vulnerability Database, but recently we realized that they in fact are often just copying their data from yet another source. That source being the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system. As we have more closely monitored that source recently we have noticed plenty of issues with it. This week we noticed something that wasn’t as much concern, but does present a worse picture of the WPScan Vulnerability Database.

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