06 Feb

If You Used Our Service You Would Already Know About the Security Vulnerability That Has Been in Contact Form DB

Back in 2012, years before we started this service we noticed a couple of big problems with how security issues in WordPress plugins were being handled. The first one was that there were many vulnerabilities that existed in the current versions of plugins that had been publicly disclosed, but the plugin remained available in the Plugin [Read more]

08 Dec

CWIS Antivirus Scanner Can Also Leave You Unaware That You Are Still Vulnerable To Plugin Vulnerabilities

Yesterday we discussed a couple of recent instances where WordPress plugins were reported to have vulnerabilities that were fixed by discovered and those vulnerabilities were added to WPScan Vulnerability Database with the vulnerabilities listed as be fixed. But in both cases when we actually tested out the vulnerabilities as part of our adding them to [Read more]

21 Nov

CWIS Antivirus Scanner Plugin Spreading False Reports of Vulnerabilities In WordPress Plugins

One of the things we state about our service is that we provide our customers with the best data on vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins. To show an example what difference that makes let look at a recently created plugin that also provides data on plugin vulnerabilities. The plugin is named CWIS Antivirus Scanner, which we became aware [Read more]