14 Dec

Thousands of Websites Still Using WordPress Plugin that Has Vulnerability That Started Being Exploited Over a Year Ago

One of the ways that we keep track of vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins is by monitoring our websites and some third-party data for evidence of hackers are targeting plugins. Earlier this week that lead to us to us looking into a couple of plugins and finding vulnerabilities that hackers may be interested in, we have [Read more]

17 Aug

WordPress Doesn’t Fix Severe Vulnerability in Plugin And Doesn’t Want To Have An Honest Discussion About the Issue

Recently we have been having an issue where someone (or someones) that has the ability to edit and delete post on WordPress’ support forum had been doing those things to some of our posts on their support forum. Last week discussed on such instance where that look liked an attempt to cover up the fact that WordPress [Read more]

18 Jul

Option Update Vulnerability in Form Lightbox

Recently, what has probably been the most important way we have been finding new vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, so that we can notify our customers and they can take appropriate measure to protect themselves, has been by monitoring our websites for what looks to be probing for the usage of plugins. That usually indicates that a hacker is looking [Read more]