10 May

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Google Drive for WordPress (wp-google-drive)

Yesterday we had a request on this website for a file that would be at /wp-content/plugins/wp-google-drive/gdrive-ajaxs.php, which is a file from the plugin Google Drive for WordPress (wp-google-drive). Just about a month ago we had provided more details on an arbitrary file deletion vulnerability in that plugin, which had been incorrectly labeled by the discoverer, Lenon Leite, [Read more]

19 Dec

Is This What a Hacker Would Be Targeting the Table Maker Plugin For?

Last week we mentioned that we had recently seen what looked to be probing for the usage of the SendinBlue Subscribe Form And WP SMTP and another plugin. That other plugin is Table Maker, which we had been seeing requests for its readme.txt like this: /wp-content/plugins/table-maker/readme.txt. One of the few possible explanations for requests like that is [Read more]

08 Dec

It Would Probably Be a Good Idea to Be Moving Off of the Captcha WordPress Plugin

The takeover of popular WordPress plugins and then use of them for nefarious purposes has been a major issue when it comes to the security of WordPress plugins this year. Even if the takeover is not done with malicious purposes in mind, a new developer that doesn’t know what they are doing can take an [Read more]

17 Nov

Vulnerability Details: Information Disclosure Vulnerability in ProfileGrid

From time to time a vulnerability is fixed in a plugin without the discoverer putting out a report on the vulnerability and we will put out a post detailing the vulnerability so that we can provide our customers with more complete information on the vulnerability. Last week we discussed that checking for usage of outdated [Read more]

22 Sep

PHP Object Injection Vulnerability in DS.DownloadList

For the second time through our proactive monitoring of changes in WordPress plugins for serious vulnerabilities we have found a vulnerability not just as it is added to a plugin, but as the plugin was introduced into the Plugin Directory. There is a manual review done of plugins before they are approved for the Plugin [Read more]

26 Jun

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in UpiCRM

When it comes to areas where there is lot of room for better security in WordPress plugins, two that come to mind are the security of plugins that handle business related task and the security of personal information stored in plugins. Those came together in a vulnerability we happened to run run across in the [Read more]

08 Jun

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Save Contact Form 7

While looking into a recent security fix for a SQL injection vulnerability in version 2.0 of the plugin Save Contact Form 7 we noticed a much larger issue in the relevant code, all the contact form submissions saved by the plugin are publicly accessible. Normally the submissions saved by the plugin are viewed through the plugin’s [Read more]

31 Mar

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Easy Digital Downloads

One of the features of our service is that our customers get to suggest and vote for plugins to get a security review done by us. Last month we did a review of the plugin Easy Digital Downloads and one of the issues we found through that was an information disclosure vulnerability. The function edd_ajax_get_download_title [Read more]

19 Jan

Vulnerability Details: Information Disclosure Vulnerability in W3 Total Cache

From time to time vulnerabilities are fixed in plugin without someone putting out a report on the vulnerability and we will put out a post detailing the vulnerability. While putting out the details of the vulnerability increases the chances of it being exploited, it also can help to identify vulnerabilities that haven’t been fully fixed (in some cases [Read more]

02 Jan

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Pike Firewall

In our testing of WordPress security plugins to see what, if any, protection they provide against the exploitation of actual vulnerabilities in other plugins the results haven’t been good so far. Most of the plugins tested haven’t provided any protection against those vulnerabilities. That hasn’t really surprised us, as much of what these plugins do doesn’t have any [Read more]