19 Oct

The Lack of People Not Tied To Matt Mullenweg in Control of WordPress Is a Negative for the Community

Last week we mentioned another area beyond security where the WordPress community is getting harmed by the people in charge, accessibility when it comes to new Gutenberg content editor. In the wake of the resignation of the head WordPress Accessibility Team, who had pointed to problems caused by Matt Mullenweg in their resignation post, it had [Read more]

12 Oct

Security Isn’t The Only Place Where the WordPress Community Is Being Harmed By those in Control

Among the many of issues that come together to create the rather poor state of security these days, there is the poor state of security journalism, which isn’t so much journalism, but stenography, with the journalist simply repeating claims made by security companies. Many of those claims are in fact false, which seems like what [Read more]

02 Oct

WordPress Makes It Even Harder To Be Protected Against Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins

In dealing with issues surrounding vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins for too many years what we have come to find is that the people on the WordPress side of things seem to be less interested in actually protecting against them and more interested in covering up the problems, leaving to websites unnecessarily being hacked. This appears, [Read more]

26 Sep

WordPress Lets Two More Plugins With Easy to Spot Exploitable Vulnerability in to the Plugin Directory

For the second day of our full disclosures of WordPress plugin vulnerabilities due to the continuing inappropriate handling of the moderation of the WordPress Support Forum we are focusing on something that relates to the larger problem when it comes to handling security by the WordPress team. Part of what makes the inappropriate moderation of [Read more]

03 Nov

A Third of The WordPress Plugin Directory Team Works for Matt Mullenweg, Which is a Big Problem

Last week we ran across information we had been wondering about for some time for one specific reason, but found the information important for other reasons. We had wondered for some time who were the people doing the security reviews of WordPress plugins before they returned to Plugin Directory after being pulled for security issues. [Read more]