14 Feb

WPCampus and Paul Gilzow Spreading False Information About Claimed Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins

One of the striking and telling aspects of the security community that seems to go a long way to explaining why security, whether of WordPress websites or more broadly, is in such bad shape is the lack of concern for providing accurate information. We often find that security companies are telling outright lies (or they are so unfamiliar with the basics of security that they have no idea that they are not telling the truth and shouldn’t be in the security industry). When it comes to┬ásecurity researchers, security professionals, or security journalists we have recently found over and over an apparent complete lack of concern that they might be providing information that isn’t accurate and lack of understanding why that others might take issue with that. That leads to a situation like if you tried to build the foundation of a home on quicksand, as can be seen by news coverage of security breach after security breach.

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