15 Jul

Here’s a Good Example of Why Releasing Security Updates Separate From Major Plugin Changes Is a Good Idea

Several weeks ago we detected what look to be someone probing for usage of the plugin Simplr Registration Form Plus+ on one of our website, which is usually an indication that a hacker is aware of an exploitable vulnerability in the plugin. Checking over the plugin we found that there was a vulnerability that would allow [Read more]

21 Jun

Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Simplr Registration Form Plus+

We recently had a request for a file from the plugin Simplr Registration Form Plus+, /wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/assets/simplr_reg.js, on one of our websites. A request for a file from plugin that isn’t installed on a website is usually an indication that someone is probing for usage of a plugin to try to exploit a vulnerability in it. After [Read more]