01 Sep

Youtube Videos Seem To Explain Part of Hackers’ Odd Choices of WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities To Target

One of the things we do provide the best data on vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins for our customers is monitoring our websites for hacking attempts against plugins. At first that allowed us to add additional old vulnerabilities that we didn’t yet have in data set and then starting in May that allowed us to find [Read more]

07 Jun

Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability in Vertical SlideShow

Continuing our recent spotting of new vulnerabilities in plugins after seeing what looks to be probing for use of a plugin, we have found an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in the current version, 2.3, of the plugin Vertical SlideShow. We recently had a request for the file  from that plugin, /wp-content/plugins/wp-vertical-gallery/css/default.css, on this website. Since we [Read more]