22 Oct

Security Issues Related to jQuery File Upload Not Unknown To InfoSec Community As Security Journalists Claim

We generally avoid following news coverage of web security since it is of such poor quality and when we do have to look at examples of it due to a news alert we have to keep track of vulnerabilities in WordPress that view is reinforced. Take this post on ZDNet’s Zero Day blog, “Zero-day in popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years“, by Catalin Cimpanu, which makes this claim:

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24 Sep

ZDNet’s Zero Day Blog Claims to Have Revealed Something That We Had Already Discussed Well Beforehand

When it comes to actually trying to improve the poor state of web security one of the big impediments are security journalists, who often act not as journalists, but as stenographers repeating claims made by security companies with little concern for their accuracy or actual significance. A case in point with that comes fromĀ  a post from ZDNet’s Zero Day blog (which at least in the past was run by people that didn’t even understand what a zero-day is), titled “Thousands of WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code”, which we got notified due to a Google alert we have set related to WordPress plugin vulnerabilities.

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