05 Sep

Hackers Will Try To Exploit Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins in Ways That Will Never Succeed

One the things we find rather telling about the security industry is that they seem to find various statistics valuable, but ones they seem to be totally uninterested in are any that would actually show that their products and services are actually effective at protecting websites (despite that seeming like it should be a prerequisite before using so many of them). One type of statistic that we have seen them focus on instead is supposed measures of how many attacks the average website is facing. Earlier this year one company promoting their service with such a statistic, seemed to make a case that they are not really valuable, as they promoted the increase in attacks as being a concern and then when it when it went down they claimed that was also a bad sign:

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01 Sep

SiteLock, Kasperky Lab, and Wordfence Mislead Public on Threat from Vulnerability in WordPress Plugin

Yesterday over at our main blog we noted how the web security company SiteLock and their web hosting partner 123 Reg, a GoDaddy brand, are making baseless claims as to the likelihood of websites being hacked to try scare customers in to purchasing SiteLock security services. In the meantime they and others in the security industry were also taking a minor security vulnerability discovered by SiteLock in a WordPress plugin that is used with WooCommerce and using misleading information to make it sound like a much bigger threat.

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