13 Dec

The Strange Behavior of Moderators of the WordPress Support Continues With Response to Our Protest

When it comes to the inappropriate behavior on the part of the moderators of the WordPress Support Forum that lead to us full disclosing vulnerabilities in protest until WordPress gets that situation cleaned up one thing that stands out is how strange so much of it is. If the moderators were, say, being paid off to delete [Read more]

07 Dec

WordPress Support Forum Moderator Thinks Hiding Security Issues is a Bad and Good at the Same Time

When it comes to the mess that is the moderation of the WordPress Support Forum a central problem is the moderators seem to be unwilling to allow people to discuss things that disagree with their beliefs. So for example last week we mentioned how at first replies were deleted and then a whole topic closed [Read more]

05 Nov

More of WordPress Support Forum Moderator Jan Dembowski’s Bizarre Handling of People Trying to Deal With Closed Plugins

In protest of the continued inappropriate behavior by the moderators of the WordPress Support Forum just over a month ago we started full disclosing vulnerabilities until the moderation is cleaned up, so far it hasn’t caused them to change their behavior (apparently continuing to act inappropriately is the only thing they seem to care about [Read more]

05 Nov

The WordPress Forum Moderators Keep Bizarrely Deleting Replies Just Saying Thank You

Where we first saw indications that something was very amiss with the moderation of the WordPress Support Forum was when a reply from someone just thanking us for answering a question they had, was deleted. It didn’t make any sense to delete that and went against what people were being told as to the limited [Read more]

17 Oct

Making Sense of WordPress’ Inability To Be Consistent When it Comes To Warning About Insecure Plugins

Last week we discussed the hiding of pertinent information when WordPress plugins are closed on the Plugin Directory for “security issues” in relation to a plugin named Testimonial Slider. Since that post the support topic that first drew us to that has gotten a response from one of the six member of the team running [Read more]

16 Oct

It Is Bizarre That a WordPress Support Forum Moderator Thinks It is Inappropriate to Discuss Supposedly Valid Actions

When it comes to the inappropriate behavior by the moderators of WordPress Support Forum that has led to us doing full disclosures of WordPress plugin vulnerabilities until that gets cleaned up, it is amazing how much of it is just downright bizarre. After the plugin Verify Google Webmaster Tools was closed on the Plugin Directory someone [Read more]

10 Oct

WordPress Hides Accurate Information on the Security of WordPress Plugins, While Highlighting Inaccurate Information

Part of the mess we have seen when it comes to what can and can’t be mentioned about the security of WordPress plugins on the WordPress Support Forum is that accurate information about the security of plugins is often removed, while inaccurate information is often left up. That creates a situation where there is an [Read more]

05 Oct

Our Effort to Get the WordPress Support Forum Moderation Cleaned Up is Not Actually an Attempt to Promote Our Blog or Plugin

As we mentioned earlier this week, WordPress keeps making things worse when it comes to security, as they decided to compound other problems by removing our plugins from the Plugin Directory. Which means, for example, that people can’t get warned about unfixed vulnerable plugins that are being exploited as WordPress refuses to fix or warn people [Read more]

02 Oct

WordPress Makes It Even Harder To Be Protected Against Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins

In dealing with issues surrounding vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins for too many years what we have come to find is that the people on the WordPress side of things seem to be less interested in actually protecting against them and more interested in covering up the problems, leaving to websites unnecessarily being hacked. This appears, [Read more]

02 Oct

WordPress Support Forum Moderators’ Micromanagement of the Support Forum Seems Counterproductive

Last week as part of our discussing the continued inappropriate behavior on the part of the moderators of the WordPress Support Forum, we discussed a situation where a moderator had deleted useful information that helped to link together a series of hacks related to a file generated by the plugin Duplicator. We had tried to [Read more]