21 Mar

Hiding That the Head of the WordPress Plugin Directory Mika Epstein Isn’t Making Much Sense Doesn’t Seem Like Proper Forum Moderation

When it comes to fixing the problems with the handling of the security of WordPress plugins we feel that fixing the moderation of the Support Forum is important since right now the moderation of that is used to cover problems up (it doesn’t seems like that is necessarily all that intentional, but it ends up [Read more]

17 Dec

WordPress Plugin Directory Team Close Plugin Due to Fake Vulnerability Report

When it comes to inappropriate behavior of the moderators of the WordPress Support forum that has lead to usĀ full disclosing vulnerabilities in protest until WordPress gets that situation cleaned up, that inappropriate behavior often has the impact of covering up problems created by those on the WordPress side of things. Whether they are intending to [Read more]

01 Nov

The Head of the Plugin Directory Mika Epstein Seems Like the One Acting Stupidly Here

When it comes to improving the security of WordPress plugins the two things that stand out that are of most need and have been for years, are warning people when they are using vulnerable plugins and for serious vulnerabilities, which are likely to be exploited, putting out fixes if the developer doesn’t. The reason that [Read more]